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Hi! I’m Sarah,

I offer 1 to 1 positive reward-based dog training based on the latest behavioural science techniques.


Hi, my background is in animal science and science education. I have an Advanced Instructor certificate from the APDT and a degree in Animal Science, but I also hold teaching qualifications and have been a school science tutor for 15 years and I have run dog training classes for more than 5 years, so I'm uniquely placed to teach both you and your dog as a team.

I believe in learning through play and using positive reward-based techniques. I also believe in social cognitive learning, so that your dog not only learns specific skills but becomes a well-rounded, relaxed and confident dog.

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Initial Consultation

This will take approximately an hour and will involve an informal chat, possibly a short walk (if the issue you would most like help with occurs on walks) or an observation of you and your dog at home.


There is no judgement and there are no wrong answers to the questions I ask. I just want to know more about you and your dog so that we can make a plan that suits your personal situation.


I will make some notes, we'll verbally agree a plan and then I'll send you a report summarising that plan.

To book visit FaceBook to Message or WhatsApp me, or email 

60 min (approx): £25.00

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1 to 1 training session

A fun, relaxed training session in a setting appropriate to you and your dog (i.e. could be in your house, garden or in a park or public place).

Please do not book a training session until you have had an initial consultation as these are bespoke lessons tailored specifically to you, your dog and your training needs.

To book visit FaceBook to Message or WhatsApp me, or email 



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30 min: £16.00| 45 min: 20.00

NB. When I book sessions I add 30 minutes to each appointment time in my diary to allow for 15 mins each way travel time, so if you have booked a 30 minute slot I will block out an hour in my diary. This means that there will be additional costs if you are more than 15 mins away (according to Google Maps) to allow for additional time/fuel etc - £3 per 15 minutes added to your appointment for travel (e.g. if you are 20 minutes away there will be one extra 15 minute slot added to your appointment, so that a 30 minute training slot will be £19 total).

8 week new puppy/rescue socialisation and training

8 x 30 minute sessions tailored for you and your new dog to give you the best start to your new relationship. These sessions will take place at your home and in public so that you can find the best ways to manage your new dog in the real world and will teach basic cues (sit, wait, leave etc), loose lead walking, bonding activities and socialisation.

Session times to suit you (e.g. you could choose twice weekly sessions over 4 weeks, or fortnightly sessions over 16 weeks, whatever works for you).

To book visit FaceBook to Message or WhatsApp me, or email

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8 x 30 min sessions: Total £120



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